ASFUT Shopping Centre is an online store that sells locally produced African arts, crafts and more to the US, the UK, Asia and other parts of the world.

💛Are you in the USA, UK, or Canada and looking for top-notch African arts, crafts, antiques, and more to buy? Look no further? ASFUT Shopping Centre got your back.
Based in the USA with an office in Ghana, we are currently offering 20% off all your orders, providing you premium truly original African products with our international shipping to any location.
Just let us know what you want. All products are custom made, designed to meet your preferences, and with the core focus of reconnecting and enriching your cultural values.
Choose from:
👉African Clay Pots
👉 African Flower Pots
👉 African Flower Basket
👉 Pencil Arts
👉 Cartoon Arts
👉 Painting Arts
👉 African Cloth
👉 African Kente
👉 African Hats
👉 African Antique
👉 Leather Belts
👉 Leather Sandals
👉 African Shea Butter
👉 African Print Interior Furniture