Become an Affiliate Marketer with ASFUT Shopping Centre and Earn 10% Commission on first time orders and another 3% on recurring orders from the same client you bring.

Earn Recurring Income on Every Order

ASFUT Shopping Centre is closing for marketers/salespeople to get us clients who loves handcrafted African flower pots, flower stands, kente, smock (batakali), jewelry, sandals and more. 

Become an affiliate marketing professional with ASFUT Shopping Centre and earn a whopping 10% on all orders generated and another 3% on recurring orders.

We pay monthly for all orders generated and sales closed within the month. Text us in Ghana at 233-59-688-1811 and the USA 7066643930 if interested. We need workers in The States, The UK, Canada and South America etc.



What We Offer
• Sales training
• Product knowledge/education
• Sales commission

What we’ll do together:
• You talk to people in your area.
• You generate leads for ASFUT.
• You send us the contact details of the leads/prospects.
• Our marketing tea follows-up with prospects.
• We close the deal and offer you 10% commissions.
• The client buys again and we offer you another 3% on recurring order.